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They Can't Stop Talking

There is power in words and words can be transformational. This is how we help people transform themselves, their careers, and their businesses.
Diana Flame

"Angela has been a tower of strength for me so many times. She was one of the first persons to Beta read my draft and offer valuable feedback. She is a joy to work with. She is a reliable, honest and accomplished editor."

Global Affairs, Canada

"Angela is amazing! She helped me to create an outstanding resume and a great cover letter. She creates magic with words and sees the skills that the person has better than anyone. Moreover, she gave me very helpful tips on how behave on the interview and how to answer tricky questions correctly! Thank you very much, Angela for all the help and assistance, for being reliable and creative! I highly recommend you!"

B. Wong
Business Owner

"She does excellent research and ensures all facts and details are current and correct. Fully trustworthy, Angela consistently delivers exceptional quality in her articles."

Maya Daniels

"Angela is such a vibrant, personable and hands on the most encouraging person you will come across on this market. Being an indie author is as stressful as it is rewarding; her passion pulls you out of your glum and keeps you going. I don’t think I would’ve published if she wasn’t part of my team. It’s an absolute blessing and pleasure working with her."

R. MacKay
Senior Administrator, ECHO

"I sought Angela’s assistance twice over the many years that I have known her.  Once for a curriculum vitae and second for a professional letter to management.  In both instances, she used her amazing gift to take the words I had written and with few edits made them sound and feel more professional without compromising my initial thoughts and meanings.  Also, throughout my dealings with her, she has always remained professional and never hesitated to say the truth, but never in a condescending fashion.  She has an art of using words to convey thoughts and allowing the process to be a growing experience for all involved, even for those of us like myself, that writing is not our strongest ability."

Calleigh Piper
Ostara LLC, Owner

"Angela is extremely talented and cares about each and every client. She makes you feel so comfortable, just like family. Thank you Angela for the support and wonderful ideas."

Health Sciences

"As a new graduate, I have limited work experience in my chosen field. I have been scared of not finding work because of this. Angela was able to see my potential and link that with what little experience I have. Because of her abilities to see and then highlighting my strongest skills, I was hired in my field of studies."

Government of Canda

"Angela is accurate, professional, creative, and reliable! She did a super work for my resume. All recruiters in my event were amazed. I wish I have known her since a long time! She even gave me very helpful tips for interview and she pushed my self confindence really high. Thanks Angela!"

Office Administrator, Legal

"Angela is a miracle worker. She has worked patiently with me as we re-worked my resume to a higher standard. I am thrilled with this achievement and believe this is only the beginning of a whole new adventure for me. Angela, thank you for all you have done, and all your skills used in this project."

National Research Council
Government of Canada

"Angela is excellent, and very reliable person. she made a great resume for me in very short time. Her comments and suggestions help me to show up my skills. Thank you very much Angela!"

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