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You focus on your creativity.
I will focus on the details to make your content engaging, exciting, enjoyable, and exhilarating so you stand out at the front of the crowd.

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Proofreading &


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Curriculum Vitae &

Academic Promotions



Contract & Ghost Writing




Your needs are unique which is why we review each client's needs and requirements. Once we understand your end goals, we will provide an estimated quotation for the project. We can write as either your voice (ghostwriting) or as our own voice (guest writer). 

We love our long term relationships with our clients! We have been together with some clients for several years and we could not be happier! 

But, it doesn't always start out this way. You may like to get to know us a little first, kind of like a walk around the block. We understand. A one time, short term project would provide us the opportunity to learn about each other and see how well we fit. 

From there, we can either continue singular projects, or we can jump to a short term relationship with several sequential projects. 


Whether you are looking for content for your blog, digital articles, social media profile, book cover synopsis, short biographies, marketing content, or a book, contact us and let us customize a service package for you.

Contract & Ghost Writing



Applying for Your Dream Job




Your dream job has just been posted but now what? Do you have your resume updated and ready to apply? What about your cover letter? Do you have a cover letter and a resume that screams out? Does it put you on the very top of the applicant pile?  

Not completely sure about all of this? Stop second-guessing. We can craft a professionally written resume with a layout that showcases your skills, talents, and awesomeness.  Outshine your competitors! 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to apply for their dream job. We understand the daunting step of applying for a job when you are a new graduate, the hesitation of a stay at home parent who is returning back into the workforce from a leave of absence, the feeling of being overwhelmed if you are new to the city or our country, and the excitement of being promoted.  


Our packages are competitive. We focus on leveraging your skills and knowledge to garner the best possible outcome for you.  Your goal is our mission. 

Package 1
Cover Letter + Resume

Package 1: Cover Letter + Resume 


Included in this package are a one-page cover letter and a standard two-page resume.


Additional pages will incur an extra charge at $50 per page. 

If you are a new graduate seeking employment in your field for the first time and can provide proof, then please let us know. We love to celebrate!! So, let's celebrate with a 10% discount in celebration of your graduation!

Package 2
 2 Cover Letters
2 Resumes

Package 2: Cover Letters (2) + Resumes (2)


Included in this package are:

1. A general one-page cover letter and a general standard two-page generalized resume;  and

2. A job-specific one-page cover letter and a job-specific standard two-page resume where both are targeted for a specific job application. 


Additional pages will incur an extra charge at $50 per page. 

Add On 1
Interview Tips

Add On 1: Interview Tips


I will answer your questions about what to say, how to dress, and what type of questions to expect.  I will guide you in preparation for the screening call as well as the initial interview.  

Add On 2
Application Q&A

Add On 2: Application Questions and Responses


For government applications, there will be a requirement to respond to questions when submitting your application to the position. The answers are limited in the number of characters and are specific to determine your qualifications. Incomplete or vague responses may result in disqualification.


I will review and provide written feedback to your responses, clarify what is being asked as well as ensure your answers are clear and concise.  

Cover Letter & Resume



Before Publishing Your Manuscript




I know first hand how much time, effort, and commitment it takes to write one novel, a series of novels, textbooks, workbooks, and instruction manuals.

One thing I learned is that no matter how many times you read it, it will always be a work in progress. There are always more ways to improve it. Better word choices. Better structure. But at some point, you have to stop and say It's time to publish

The time between stopping and publishing is the time to have your manuscript proofread and edited. 

I can do both. 

Proofreading Only
per single side page



I will proofread your manuscript but will not provide any editing. Written feedback will be provided.

If your book has been published, then I will proofread and provide an honest review on your author's page, Good Reads, Kobo, and your Facebook page. I cannot leave reviews on Amazon or Kindle.  

Final Proofreading
per single side page

Proofreading + Cosmetic Touch-Ups


I will proofread your manuscript and provide cosmetic touch-ups including punctuation and spelling errors. 

Generally, this is the final proof before going to publication.

Light Copy Editing
per single side page

Light Copy Editing


Copy editing focuses on improving style, formatting, and accuracy.  The purpose of copy editing is to ensure that your novel is grammatically correct and that there are no inconsistencies in the storyline and that the style flows well.


With light copy editing, I will double-check accuracy, and correct most grammatical issues

Copy Editing
per single side page

Medium Copy Editing


Medium copy editing entails all of the light copy editings as described above plus the flow of the story is corrected as needed, which may require re-working of the text to ensure this flow.

Heavy Copy Editing 
Custom Pricing
Please contact me

Heavy Copy Editing


Heavy copy editing entails all of the light copy and medium editings as described above. With heavy copy editing,  not only the flow may be reworked, but some paragraphs may be restructured to ensure style, flow, and grammar are fluid.

Content Editing
Custom Pricing
Please contact me 

Content Editing


Content editing is the most intensive type of editing service we provide. 

With content editing, we not only rewrite sections of content but we also add information that has been left out that the reader requires to make sense of the story.  By adding information, we are allowed limited freedom to create and add content for these corrections. 

Note that a single-sided page refers to 8.5" x 11", portrait, font Verdana, font size 11, and 1" margins. Word count will vary.

Editing and Proofreading
CV & Academic Promotion



Ready to be Promoted?




If you are here, then we know how hard you have worked to get to where you are.


Your curriculum vitae will showcase, in detail and in order, your achievements in your career including employment, education, teaching, professorships, publications, speaking and presentation engagements, innovations, patents, mentorships, and much more.

For professional and corporate promotions, your curriculum vitae will emphasize the skills, knowledge, and experience that prove you are the ideal person for the job. 

For academic promotions to professorships, the guidelines specify strict formatting and structure for your curriculum vitae plus an additional two dossiers (current UofO guidelines). With our experience, we can help to structure, write, and format your curriculum vitae, dossiers, application letters, and organize all your information in preparation for your application. Additionally, we can enter your information into UniWeb. 

Curriculum Vitae
per hour

Curriculum Vitae


Clearly structured and formatted, your curriculum vitae will provide details of your achievements over the course of your career. To create your curriculum vitae, it is essential that we work closely together so that details are not overlooked.

We will require from you, your latest version and any updates that are required. Reasonable lead time is required to meet deadlines. 

Custom Pricing
Please contact me

Academic Promotions - Application Package Preparation 


The preparation of the academic promotion package consists of gathering all information related to clinical, teaching, and research that you have been involved with. This includes mentorships, grants, presentations, publications, public activities, innovations, and more at local, regional, national, and international levels. Your curriculum vitae is the base for the application package.


This fee includes updating and organizing your curriculum vitae,  structuring, and formatting to the University of Ottawa guidelines, editing of correspondence, and entering information into UniWeb as needed. It is essential that we work closely and communicate clearly.

We will require from you, your latest version of your curriculum vitae, and any updates or revisions that are required. A minimum lead time of 3 months before the deadline for the preliminary application is required. A minimum lead time of 2 months before the deadline for the final application is required.

Pssst... did you hear?

Another happy and satisfied client tells us this...
A. Boxworthy

"Professional and always going the extra distance to ensure a perfect copy. Even after the series was published, she continued to be available to assist with revisions. Highly recommend her."

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